Dec 14

Zombies are they real?

Well many of you may say that zombies are fake. Well they may be. But what about all those people you see on the news. The peopke that get naked in town and go crazy, and and try to eat peoples faces. What do you think about that? So now do you belive me now? This website is going to help because all those things that we all miss on the news, because we all dont want to watchit. So we all just say for get it. But for a mater of fact they are comming faster than ever and we all need to get prepared. Do you want to survive? If you do wabt to survive what would you need? Post what you think…

Oct 02

Woman Killed During Attack On Her 3 Year Old While High in Bath Salts

Munnsville, NY 6/13/2012

Pamela McCarthy, 35, died of cardiac arrest after being tazed by police while attacking her 3 year old child. Neighbors snapped pictures while McCarthy ran back and forth naked in the street and grappled with one her dogs in an attempt to strangle it. McCarthy growled like an animal and even attempted to bite police as they attempted to subdue her, first with pepper spray to no avail, then with a tazer, ending in her death. McCarthy’s child was treated for minor injuries and released to family members.