Aug 20

ANOTHER Florida Face Eating Zombie Attack

Date 2016-08-15
Location: 19000 SE Kokomo Lane, Jupiter, Florida
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ANOTHER Florida Face Eating Zombie AttackReportedly mild mannered and well liked college student, Austin Harrouff, became agitated while out for dinner with friends at  Duffy’s Sports Grill and took off on foot. He then wandered into an upscale neighborhood 15 to 30 minutes away and randomly attacked a couple who were relaxing in their garage. 19 year old Harouff allegedly stabbed and bludgeoned the couple with weapons of opportunity from the couple’s own garage. The victims were identified as 59-year-old John Joseph Stevens III and 53-year-old Michelle Karen Mishcon.

Hero neighbor, Jeff Fisher, tried to intervene as Harrouff attacked the male victim in the driveway and received several stab wounds for his efforts. Despite serious injuries to his back and head, Fisher was able to escape and call 911 at about 9:20 pm (call recording below).  Fisher was lifeflighted to the hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

When police arrived the suspect was found “growling, grunting and making animal noises” chewing the face off of the male victim. Deputies used stun guns to no avail as the attacker apparently felt no pain. It took several deputies and a K9 to pull the “abnormally strong” Harrouff off of the victim.

Based on the apparent randomness of the attack and the bizarre behavior of the attacker police suspect that he may have been under the influence of drugs, possibly Bath Salts or Flakka. The suspect is originally from Riviera beach and was studying “Pre-exercise science” at the University. Perhaps he was experimenting with some supplements and got some bad stuff. It can take weeks for lab results.

The suspect is currently being held under guard at St. Mary’s Medical Center where he is in stable condition though he was previously reported in grave condition. Police say that he suffered intestinal damage possibly due to taking some type of drug. He is scheduled for surgery to his hand.

Recent reports have Harrouff telling police “You’re not gonna find any drugs in my blood.”. A neighbor reported Harrouff’s behavior as odd in the weeks preceding the attack including discharging a handgun (in Harrouff’s back yard) and shooting and killing a bird in the neighbors yard. The day of the double murder the suspect was seen fighting with his father before driving off.


Oct 20

Brazilian Man on Irish Flight Bites Fellow Passenger and Dies

Lisbon, Portugal (point of origin) – View map
Cork, Ireland

Google Maps

Google Maps

Photo Copyright Árpád Gordos

Photo Copyright Árpád Gordos

Authorities report a passenger became unruly mid flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland. The 24 year old Brazilian man bit another passenger and had to be restrained. The attacker then went into convulsions and lapsed into unconsciousness. Despite efforts to revive him by a doctor and nurse on board the man died. The flight was diverted to Cork, Ireland where the bite victim was taken to the hospital.

“The noise he was making was like something that I’d never heard before and wouldn’t like to hear again,” a witness told the Cork radio station 96FM. “It was like a deep anguish, that is the best way I can describe it. It was very, very troubled.”

A 44 year old Portuguese woman who was traveling with the assailant was arrested after Cork police discovered about 5 pounds of suspected amphetamine powder in her suitcase.







May 15

Man Steals Big Rig to Flee Zombie Horde

Rainbow, CA

Jerimiah Hartline of Tennessee says he was fleeing the undead when he stole a big rig truck while the driver was out at a truck scale in Rainbow, CA about 10 miles southwest of  Temecula. According to Hartline he was swerving the truck side to side as he flew down the highway in an attempt to shake off the zombies clinging to the side of the truck. Hartline collided with several vehicles, injuring 8 people before overturning the truck and spilling it’s load of strawberries across Interstate 15 closing 4 lanes. This poor guy could get 5 years just for trying to get away from a horde of undead. It’s not known if he was under the influence of anything at the time of the wreck. Perhaps HE was the zombie.

Jerimiah Hartline

Jerimiah Hartline


Nov 20

Chinese Subway – Long Pork Sandwich

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

A 67-year-old man attacked a 28 year old teacher biting him several times in an attack that lasted about 30 seconds. Bystanders were too busy filming and gawking to try to stop the violence. Neither man was seriously injured and were taken into custody by police at the next stop where they made peace and both agreed to pay their own medical expenses. Personally we think the old man should have paid for that plate of sumyung gai. I guess they dine and ditch in China too. Video below. Warning: Graphic Content.


Oct 24

Gay Zombie Couple in Drug Fueled Rampage Ends With One Shot and Killed

10/21/2012 1:30 AM PST
2500 block of Alameda Drive, Vallejo, CA

According to CBS San Francisco, Vallejo Police responded to the 2500 block of Alameda Drive due to calls reporting two naked men running down the street and breaking windows out of parked cars. When police arrived a naked man, later identified as Jason Jessie, ran back into the house he shared with his partner Jeremiah Moore. Moore emerged from the house which was purportedly filling with smoke and allegedly threatened officers with a rifle. Moore was shot and later died at an area hospital. Preliminary investigations lead police to suspect that a powerful hallucinogenic  possibly bathsalts, were involved, although no specific drug has been positively identified yet.

Jason Jessie, according to a neighbor practices Wicca and may have stopped taking his schizophrenia medication. Police followed a blood trail through the couple’s home to find three pet birds beheaded in the back yard. It’s worth noting however that modern Wicca is not generally associated with animal sacrifice.

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Oct 23

In Drug Induced Frenzy Naked Man Goes Berserk in Jersey City and Eats His Own Finger

10/21/2012 7:54 PM
Intersection of Communipaw Ave and West Side Ave, Jersey City, NY

29 Year old Jargget Washington was arrested by police after allegedly stripping naked and attacked passing cars with his bare hands and shouting unintelligibly at the intersection of Communipaw Ave and West Side Ave, Jersey City, NY. He is reported to have attempted pull a driver from a car but the driver was able to fight him off until police arrived.Jaggert Washington

Washington was taken to Jersey City Medical Center where it was determined that he was not a threat to himself or others even though he spat at officers and gnawed on his own handcuffed wrists, eating his hospital bracelet.

And then…

Still in a hospital gown authorities were transporting him to Hudson County Jail when he defecated in the back seat of the cruiser. Later while in a holding cell Washington bit off and swallowed his own finger prompting another trip to the hospital. It is believed that Washington, who has previously been incarcerated for drug charges, may ave been under the influence of PCP. He currently faces charges of carjacking, throwing bodily fluids at law enforcement officers and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

The Jersey Journal
Huffington Post

Oct 09

Homeless Woman Steals Baby to Eat It

Boyd Street. Los Angeles, CA

Natasha Hubbard

Natasha Hubbard

A 36 year old homeless woman, Natasha Hubbard, snatched a 4 month old baby out of a stroller and began swinging the child overhead. She then slammed him into the side of a nearby truck and tried to break the infant’s arm off. The baby’s mother, Adriana Miranda, and aunt were able to wrestle the child away, though Hubbard continued to scratch and fight. Hubbard was later arrested thanks to witnesses. She told investigators that she was trying to pull the baby’s arm off so she could eat it. Hubbard was already on probation for narcotics and battery.

Oct 07

Texas Man Eats Family Dog – Alive

Waco, Texas

High on a synthetic drug called Spice, Michael Daniel began assaulting people at his home, growling and barking. He then descended upon the family dog beating and strangling it before. Daniel then began to eat the dog while it was still alive.

Michael Daniel

Oct 07

Woman Eats Her Baby’s Brain

San Antonio, TX

Otty Sanchez of San Antonio, TX dismembered her 3 1/2 week old baby boy, chewing off 3 of his toes and portions of his face. She beheaded the child and ate his brain before stabbing herself in the chest and slashing her own throat. Sanchez was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and confined indefinitely to a psychiatric hospital. She told authorities that the devil made her do it.