Oct 24

Gay Zombie Couple in Drug Fueled Rampage Ends With One Shot and Killed

10/21/2012 1:30 AM PST
2500 block of Alameda Drive, Vallejo, CA

According to CBS San Francisco, Vallejo Police responded to the 2500 block of Alameda Drive due to calls reporting two naked men running down the street and breaking windows out of parked cars. When police arrived a naked man, later identified as Jason Jessie, ran back into the house he shared with his partner Jeremiah Moore. Moore emerged from the house which was purportedly filling with smoke and allegedly threatened officers with a rifle. Moore was shot and later died at an area hospital. Preliminary investigations lead police to suspect that a powerful hallucinogenic  possibly bathsalts, were involved, although no specific drug has been positively identified yet.

Jason Jessie, according to a neighbor practices Wicca and may have stopped taking his schizophrenia medication. Police followed a blood trail through the couple’s home to find three pet birds beheaded in the back yard. It’s worth noting however that modern Wicca is not generally associated with animal sacrifice.

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Oct 03

I’m Going To Eat You!

Miami, Florida, USA

Yet another Miami Zombie! Brandon De Leon, 21, walked into a Miami Boston Market and got into a verbal altercation with another man. While this may seem tame compared to the Causeway Cannibal it’s what happened after De Leon was taken into custody that earns this story a place on Stalking Zombies. While in the police car De Leon growled like an animal, beat his head against the Plexiglas shield and yelled “I’m going to eat you!” Later at the station De Leon attempted to bite an officer taking his blood pressure. Police stated that he “growled and opened and closed his jaw slamming his teeth like an animal would.”

De Leon continued to hit his head against the wall of his cell and growl and bark like an animal prompting officers to place him in restraints and a bite mask. Police later discovered that De Leon was under the influence of Cloud 9, Xanax, marijuana, and had a blood alcohol level of 290.

Unlike other recent Zombie Attacks this one has a relatively happy ending in that no one was seriously injured. De Leon claims that he has no recollection of the incident and is being charged with Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


Video – WSVN-TV 

Brandon De Leon Arrest Report



Oct 02

Louisiana Face Eater

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Carl Jacquneaux allegedly bit a chunk of flesh from the face of his ex wife’s husband.  Jacquneaux was later caught near an acquaintance’s house where he stole a gun. Unfortunately we will never know if Jacquneaux was under the influence of any drugs as no blood tests were performed.




Oct 02

Woman Killed During Attack On Her 3 Year Old While High in Bath Salts

Munnsville, NY 6/13/2012

Pamela McCarthy, 35, died of cardiac arrest after being tazed by police while attacking her 3 year old child. Neighbors snapped pictures while McCarthy ran back and forth naked in the street and grappled with one her dogs in an attempt to strangle it. McCarthy growled like an animal and even attempted to bite police as they attempted to subdue her, first with pepper spray to no avail, then with a tazer, ending in her death. McCarthy’s child was treated for minor injuries and released to family members.



Sep 26

Scottsdale, Arizona. Naked Carjacker Injures 7

Scottsdale, Arizona. June 29, 2012

45 year old John Brigham alegedly drove his car into a Porsche near the intersection of Hayden and Via de Ventura in Scottsdale, Arizona then removed his clothes and climbed onto the roof of another car and began screaming. He then jacked another car and caused more crashes. In total the naked rampage injured 7 people including a prenant woman who suffered two broken legs. Brigham was taken to a hospital to determine if he was under the influence or drugs. According to other reports Brigham had a history of removing his clothes and running amok while under the influence of methamphetamines and marijuana. Check out the videos below.

Sep 26

Indianapolis, Indiana Naked Zombie Attacker Unfazed by Being Tazed

Indianapolis, Indiana. May 20, 2012

After running down the street naked assaulting random bystanders,  27 year old David Martin, of  Indianapolis, Indiana was caught on video fighting with several police officers and what appear to be civilians attempting to assit. Even after being tazed several times Martin still resisted, punching one officer before running down the street eluding the officers. Martin was later apprehended and admitted to using “Spice“. The video is below.