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Current Zombie Threat Level: Moderate

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So, what is a zombie?

1. In popular culture a zombie is a dead person who has been brought back to life either by mystical or scientific methods that has a voracious hunger for the flesh of the living. Movie zombies are often portrayed as shambling half decayed shells of their former selves with limited to no intelligence, existing solely by instinct and driven by their insatiable need to feast on human flesh, or in some films just the brains.

2. In certain African cultures (and later Haitian, and Southern States of the US) a witch or sorcerer could kill a person with magic then later raise their victim from the dead to be their slave. While the zombie would have no will of their own and may even kill on behalf of their masters they did not eat the flesh of the living like movie zombies.

3. Perhaps most disturbing is a recent rash of attacks in which the aggressor can be compared to a zombie in the fact that they mindlessly attack random people and tend to bite and gnaw on their victims. To date most of these zombie attacks are perpetrated by individuals under the influence of a drug commonly referred to as bath salts. Another drug called krokodil which has become a huge problem in Russia and purportedly mimics the rotting flesh seen in zombie films. The drug gets it’s name, krokodile (crocodile), from the scaly appearance the user’s skin may get get from abusing the drug.

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