Notice: Compensated Affiliate Website


Always perform due diligence (investigate) any opportunity, product, and or company before making a purchase or investment mentioned on, or linked to, from this website or any other.

 1. Recommendations Made in Good Faith

We (hereafter ‘Owner’) may recommend a product or service based partly on a good faith belief that the product or service will benefit the purchaser/user. The owner’s good faith recommendations are made based either the Owner’s previous use of the product or service, or research performed by the owner into the provider’s product, services, and reputation. Any representations made by the owner about the products or services are the owner’s honest opinion based in fact known to the owner at the time the recommendation is published. Occasionally we may recommend a product a service solely on it’s own merit without any compensation.

2. Material Connection.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, you should assume that all recommendations of products and services on this website are made because material connections exist between the owner and the providers of the mentioned products and services.

3. Potential Bias

The owner’s opinion/recommendation about a product or service may be partially formed because Owner has been or will be compensated due to the Owner’s business or personal relationships with the Providers. In some cases, the Owner and a Provider may have a relationship that does not involve compensation related to products and services mentioned on this website, but because a relationship exists it is sufficient to establish a material connection between the Owner and the Provider. Where a material connection exists between the Owner and Providers of products or services mentioned on this or any website, you should always assume that the Owner may be biased due to relationship with a Provider.

4. Compensation.

Compensation is not limited to monetary payment. There are many types of compensation that may be received by the Owner. Occasionally, the Owner may receive free or complimentary products, services, or money from a Provider prior to mentioning the Provider’s products or services on this website. In other cases, the Owner may receive a monetary commission or non-monetary compensation a certain action is taken which might include, though not limited to, purchase of a product or service from a Provider after clicking on an affiliate link on this website, filling out a form, or following a link.

 5. Your Questions about Products and Services.

Our goal is to provide useful and occasionally even entertaining information. If you have any questions about products or services mentioned on this website, please contact us prior to making a purchase of such products or services.