Nov 30

Walking Dead Zombie Swimsuit Calendar Video

Advertising agency, Ireland Davenport, responsible for the Walking Dead’s overseas distribution has released a unique swimsuit calendar to celebrate The Walking Dead’s 3rd season. As you would expect the calendar has it’s share of scantily clad young ladies, but this one has a twist. The girls are all made up to look like zombies. So all you necrophiliac pervs can get your freak on the calendar is free for download here.

Nov 20

Chinese Subway – Long Pork Sandwich

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

A 67-year-old man attacked a 28 year old teacher biting him several times in an attack that lasted about 30 seconds. Bystanders were too busy filming and gawking to try to stop the violence. Neither man was seriously injured and were taken into custody by police at the next stop where they made peace and both agreed to pay their own medical expenses. Personally we think the old man should have paid for that plate of sumyung gai. I guess they dine and ditch in China too. Video below. Warning: Graphic Content.