Aug 29

Dead Teen Girl Wakes Screaming From Within Her Crypt

La Entrada, Honduras (link to map)

16 year old Neysi Perez reportedly began foaming at the mouth and collapsed at her home. Believing Neysi to be possessed her parents brought in a priest to perform an exorcism. She was declared dead 3 hours later. Perez, who was 3 month pregnant was interred in her wedding dress.

The following day family members broke into her crypt after her husband claimed to have heard screaming from within the crypt. Perez was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was, unfortunately, again declared dead. The teen’s fingers were badly bruised and the viewing window of the coffin was busted out.

Doctors hypothesized that Perez may have collapsed from a panic attack, temporarily stopping her heart or possibly due to cataplexy and she later died due to lack of oxygen in the crypt.