New Mexico Man Beats Friend to Death Because He Turned Zombie and Tried to Bite

GRANTS, N.M (link to map)
Apartment complex on Mount Taylor Road

Grants Police

Grants Police

23-year-old Damon Perry is being held on an open count of murder after beating his friend, Christopher Paguin, to death. Perry told police that the two were drinking heavily when he notice Paguin had “started to change into a zombie.” Perry also claims that Paguin attempted to bite him. It was then that Perry started to beat and stab Paguin with items in the apartment including an electric guitar and a microwave.

Grants police had originally responded to an apartment complex on Mount Taylor Road for a 911 call of a manning running around threatening people with a knife. When police arrived Perry had already been subdued and was being held down by two maintenance workers. Christopher Paguin was found in a nearby apartment unconscious with signs of trauma. Paguin was pronounced dead at the scene.

Perry is attempting to blame the murder on having binge watched episodes of the Walking Dead on Netflix.

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