Sep 26

Scottsdale, Arizona. Naked Carjacker Injures 7

Scottsdale, Arizona. June 29, 2012

45 year old John Brigham alegedly drove his car into a Porsche near the intersection of Hayden and Via de Ventura in Scottsdale, Arizona then removed his clothes and climbed onto the roof of another car and began screaming. He then jacked another car and caused more crashes. In total the naked rampage injured 7 people including a prenant woman who suffered two broken legs. Brigham was taken to a hospital to determine if he was under the influence or drugs. According to other reports Brigham had a history of removing his clothes and running amok while under the influence of methamphetamines and marijuana. Check out the videos below.

Sep 26

Indianapolis, Indiana Naked Zombie Attacker Unfazed by Being Tazed

Indianapolis, Indiana. May 20, 2012

After running down the street naked assaulting random bystanders,¬†¬†27 year old David Martin, of ¬†Indianapolis, Indiana was caught on video fighting with several police officers and what appear to be civilians attempting to assit. Even after being tazed several times Martin still resisted, punching one officer before running down the street eluding the officers. Martin was later apprehended and admitted to using “Spice“. The video is below.

Sep 25

‘*Zombie* bees’ found in Washington state

Despite their scary name, Hafernick said humans don’t have to worry about an attack of zombie bees. “You don’t have to worry them attacking you as Africanized bees like that might do,” he said. “They are not a threat to humans in that way, nor are the