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On Campus Zombie Game Results in Assault Weapon Scare

A deadly infectious idea ravages the darkened streets of Edinburgh

79-Year-Old Ex-Bull Rider ‘Throat Punched’ Burglar Stoned on Bath Salts

Bath Salts Zombies – GameNode Free Online Games

Goodbye Cannibalism: DC Has Officially Gone Bath Salt Free

Legislators trying to ban synthetic drugs face uphill battle

Avoid the Zombie Plague! 8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Germs in Public Places

Sales of Kid’s Bullet Proof Backpacks Soar

Doomsday Preppers Go To Ground to Wait Out the Apocalypse 

The Year in Bath Salts

Have Yourself A Merry Zombie Apocalypse? – Rethinking Youth …

Slightly Undead – step-by-step guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse

If you are preparing for a ‘Zombie Apocalypse,’ you are too mentally ill to own a gun

Zombie’ science – ‘Walking Dead’ may not be as far-fetched as you think

Psychology Reveals the Comforts of the Apocalypse

GeekMom Zombie Apocalypse Countdown

Do Not Rely On Unsustainable Resources

Bath Salts Addiction | Resource Guide | Solutions Recovery

The Zombie Apocalypse is not only possible, it’s inevitable!

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May Soon Be Released in Florida

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Get a College Scholarship?

Zombie Apocalypse Documentary On Discovery Channel

Be honest: Apocalypse seems kind of exciting, in a way

How to be super stupid and super smart about the apocalypse

Your federal tax dollars at work, preparing for the zombie apocalypse

Ausie PM Warns of Zombie Apocalypse

Walking Dead Zombie Swimsuit Calendar Video

Serbian Village Issues Vampire Warning – and They Mean It

ZombiU’ Review – Part One: Zombie Survival Horror With A Dash Of ‘Dark Souls’

Local Team Publishes Children’s Zombie Book

Waging war on the living dead

Web can help track flu outbreaks – How about Zombie Outbreaks?

Zombies attack Astoria in annual Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk

Five Things You Shouldnt Do When Zombies Attack by Carrie Harris

Watch the new trailer and help ‘DOC OF THE DEAD‘ live!

Your Guide To Killing Zombies

Zombie Musical Has Singing, Dancing, Zombie Killing [VIDEO]

Zombie Neuroscientist Explains the Ant-Like Behavior of World War Z’s Running

Zombie dreams do come true

Bathsalt use drops after new laws

CDC and Harvard Doctor Schlozman Say ‘No’ to Zombies

15 Essential Zombie Reads |

Good Weapons for Zombie Hordes?

EIGHINGER: Popularity of ‘The Walking Dead‘ elevates zombie preparedness to

Zombie expert and author Max Brooks to give talk at Mansfield U.

Zombie cocktails for Walking Dead party

Undead-End: Fungus That Controls Zombie-Ants Has Own Fungal Stalker

World War Z Trailer is Here: They’re Coming

Learn How To Easily Distract Zombies In This New ‘State Of Decay‘ Video

Disaster Preparedness Video With A Zombie Apocalypse Theme

Top 10 Zombie Movies Of All-Time (MovieMantz)

Why Zombies Rule

Man Accused Of Brutally Murdering Elderly Farmington Woman Blames Bath Salts

‘Like wild bulls in a pen’ Bath Salts Users become violent, unpredictable

How to survive a zombie attack in Newton

When Zombies Attack – YouTube

Zombie apocalypse-proof car revealed

Woman, 21, Shares Her Struggle With Bath Salts « CBS Baltimore

Bath Salts: A New Epidemic of Drug Use | One Medical Group

Tree toppled by Sandy exposes skeleton, time capsule...

Halloween Horror: Caskets float out of the grave...

Will Hurricane Sandy Unleash Zombie Apocalypse?

ZAPP helps prepare students for the zombie apocalypse

Is the military ready for zombies?

Zombie survival: how to avoid getting infected, your brain eaten

Zombie mania: The year of the living dead

Zombie Wedding Timelapse » Design You Trust – Design Blog and
Awesome Photoshop Timelapse

What If Every Rocker Turned Into a Zombie?

UN health “Atlas” may help predict outbreaks

5 zombie-themed games you can play today, 5 just around the corner

MadTracks: ‘Eat It Zombie Style’ by the Zombeatles (video)

Zombie haunted house in hot water for basing their plot on real events
Last time we checked most fiction is based on real events. Gimme a break!

Zombie Research Society‘s Matt Mogk speaks at Texas Tech

Zombie Outrun 5K to raise funds for Greenville’s First Steps

Zombies take over Metropark in Macomb, but it’s all for a good cause

We Have Enough Zombies

Zombies Invented In Buffalo?

20 DIY zombies that will haunt your Halloween dreams

Zombie puppets resurrect ‘Night of the Living Dead

House of the Dead: Lawrenceville’s little shop of zombies

Zombies get married in Hamilton

Zombies on parade at Redlands’ Fox Event Center

Neighbors take to the streets for a “zombie walk”

It’s A Nice Day For A … Zombie Wedding! « CBS Detroit

Urban Zombie app lets you fight fiends at Dallas landmarks

Joss Whedon: Mitt Romney Right for ‘Zombie Apocalypse

Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion

Bath salts may have prompted day-long standoff in Rome Township

Woman Accused Of Carrying Bath Salts, Hiding Under Children In Car In Athens County

Bath Salts Hospitalized Williamson Co. Deputies

FBI Agents Arrest NYPD Cannibal In Sick Scheme

Diagnosing a Zombie

Bath salts may have prompted day-long standoff in Rome Township

Zombies and God: 5 Religious Questions That Zombie Stories Ask Us

Doc of the Dead Digs Into Zombie Culture (and Wants to Borrow Your Shovel)

OCTOBER 12, 2012 ‘Warning Zombies Ahead’ sign creates anger in motorists
A “Warning Zombies Ahead” construction sign is getting a lot of attention in Portland, Maine. Wednesday morning city officials discovered someone tampered with an electronic construction sign that originally read “Night work 8 pm-6 am. Expect delays.”

‘Zombie emergency’ part of County Government Day

Zombie Forest raises funds for Panther Robotics

Zombies disappoint Ft. Myers businesses

Zombies come to life in Batavia

Cycling Zombies Prowl Key West’s Beaches and Streets « CBS Miami

New Lawrenceville Store Dedicated To All Things Zombie « CBS

Zombie run Saturday to raise funds for United Way

Atwood joins the zombie craze with latest project, a co-written comic-horror novel

Talking ‘Dead’: An Interview With Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman

Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Interview — Learning How To Survive The New Modes

Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature’s Undead,’ By Rebecca L. Johnson

Zombie English Students Stagger To English 1302

Your Miami Zombie Halloween Costume Is a Terrible Idea, You Dick

Sculptor carves up 1800 pound pumpkin into zombie ‘harvester’

10 Different Zombies You’ll Run Into This Halloween

Get your zombie coloring book here | IndyBlog

The Top 10 Zombie Movies You’ve Never Seen

Zombie survival guide

DIY Zombie Makeup: How to Make Hideous Wounds That Last for


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